Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting Fixed!

Well, it has been just about 9 months now since I got rear-ended in the accident. I have been doing rehab for my shoulder, and back to try to fix them best as we can and prevent more damage being done in the future. Sad news now; I found out last week, after x-rays an MRI, a couple visits to the Orthopaedic surgeon, and weeks and weeks of physical therapy, surgery is now unavoidable. The ligaments are just to damaged to repair without major intervention. My Dr. has said my shoulder it to unstable to leave alone. He said he wouldn't feel very good about not fixing it. He also said while he is in there fixing the ligament(s) he knows are damaged, he is going to look around at the other ligaments, tendons, and muscles to see if there is anything else damaged and needing repaired.
So I have it scheduled for the 10th of June, next week. They say I am going to be in a sling for 6 weeks and another few weeks of therapy after that. I am really not looking forward to the surgery, but I am looking forward to having my shoulder not hurt so bad anymore. I am also looking forward to being able to do my job completely now. We got called out the other week to help another one of our paramedic trucks with a critical care call off one of the floors in a local hospital. When we arrived, the whole staff on the floor was down in the room, we walked around the corner and my partner looked at me and said what do you bet they coded? Sure enough they had coded and when we walked into the room CPR was in progress. I was the only one of the 4 not able to really assist. I felt completely useless right then, I did drive the other 2 medics to the other hospital, but that's about all I was able to do.
I will have plenty of time off after the surgery, I will try to keep people who may be reading our blog updated on what's going on. We still have the attorney working on the insurance settlement, they were going to try and finalize the information, then we found out I was going to have to have surgery to stabilize my shoulder. I guess that changes a whole lot of the stuff they were looking at. More time of work and so on. Anyways, it should prove to be an interesting summer.

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