Monday, March 8, 2010


So it has been a while and for those who actually read this, I will update you on the goings on around here.
So it has been a few months now since the wreck. My neck and back for the most part are better, my shoulder can't have the same said for it. It still hurts every day and when I move it around it sounds like rice crispies (for those who need visuals). What makes it even worse is the changes in weather! :(
The day before my 30Th birthday I went and checked the mail, I found a subpoena to appear in the DUI case of the jerk that hit me. I called the DA's office and asked for the attorney on the summons and he said it was just being handled through his office but he wasn't the actual case attorney. He would track him down and have him call me. When I finally got a call back from him he said it would be a lot easier to prosecute the case whit photo's that the police had not provided. I was able to fix that, however, when JJ came out the night of the wreck, he brought his camera and took a plethora of pictures so the DA had a plethora of pictures.
The very same day I got the subpoena I called the office of the lawyer who helped take care of my car accident when I was a young child. He was able to get us in his office and get the paperwork started for our settlement/suit dealing with the other guys insurance. It doesn't hurt he is an OLD friend of my dad's from well over 30 years ago.
The day in court comes around, I show up (taking ANOTHER day off work for stuff related to the accident) around the time I am supposed to. They had requested a jury trial, not just the bench trial. While we were waiting we talked with the lawyer from the DA's office that had shown up already, he was a 3rd year law student and the other attorney was a Jr attorney from the office. They were very confident they were going to win, they said in part due to the provided pictures.
The morning of court, the guy who hit me finally got some good legal advice when they saw the pictures, change your plea from not guilty to guilty before the trial started. I can't even comprehend what your defense could POSSIBLY be when your BAC is .216. There's just no plausible defense, your drunk and driving and caused a wreck! He got another week in jail, an extra $1800 in fines, got to pay the jury fee's cuz he changed his mind after they had already come in for the trail, he got a 6 month suspension on his license, a year probation where he is not allowed to drink (and was warned he could be tested any time for any reason), got to arrange for 48 hours community service, and 16 hours of victims impact panels before he was to turns himself into jail in 48 hours. Then he was told he was to have an ignition interlock installed in ANY vehicle he was going to be driving for his year of probation at his personal expense, and was then warned it is an enhanceable offense, if he gets anymore alcohol related offenses in the next 10 years this one comes back to bite him in the butt. Him and his attorney then got their collective butts chewed for wasting her time, her courts time, the jury's time, the victims time (again). His attorney was told to get his stuff together before he ever came back to her courtroom again.
Now my Dr., Chiropractor, and Lawyer all have told me I need to go find an Orthopaedic doctor to look at my shoulder and see if I need surgery to fix it...bleh! I have an appt scheduled so I will have to let you all know about that later!

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