Thursday, February 12, 2009

We have joined the blogging population. We decided to do this because Nicole wanted to! Hahaha. No Seriously....We just thought it would be fun to keep people updated on our lives. Plus everyone is doing it now a days! We had this picture taken in October of 2008. Our small little family minus the blue parakeet Pretty. Our puppies (well dogs) name is Lucky. We love having him he brightens days even when it has been one of the worst days! We bought a home in West Jordan in September of 2006. Not long after we were married! Jeff went to school for a year and became a Paramedic. It was really tough but we made it. He is currently working at Gold Cross Ambulance. Nicole is working at a Dental Lab and has been for just over 2 years. Not much to say about that. However she did meet the best friend she could ever have met there, Michelle. Nicole is a stronger person because of her! Nicole recently found out she is simply 3 classes away from graduating with her gerneral associates degree. History, Biology, and PE....The 3 worst classes ever invented to mankind. She hopes to graduate this year from school. And wants to become a professional photographer. She is well on her way. Last year taught Jeff and I alot, and we were constantly busy! We had Jeffs mom living with us until May of 2008 and in February Nicoles wonderful friend Mandy and her boyfriend Kevin moved in for a short month with us. They have become some of the best friends we could ever have. In July we had 2 McDonald weddings. His brother got married and his dad was remarried to an awesome lady. When Jeffs dad got remarried his brother Mark moved into the basement. In October Nicoles only living grandma was hospitalized with a heart attack and a broken ankle. She was put into a care center and passed away on December 20, 2008. Most of the family was with or near her! Well thats all for now. But we will write soon! Hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. I like your blog. Please keep blogging, I would love to read more about you guys. -Thanks